Following are some of the articles by Vladimir Benda (to be sent to our Clients upon request):

In the Russian #1 CEO’s journal “General Director” (

  • #1,2012 “How to increase business’ sustainability”
  • #5, 2009 “How the Antimonopoly service could help business”
  • #2, 2009 “Dealing with personnel in a company suffering crisis”
  • #11, 2008 “How to start doing business in a company suffering crisis”

In the Russian journal “Profession Director” (

  • # 2, 2012 “Features of foreign investments business liquidation (practical aspects)”

In the Russian “Sankt Petersburg News” newspaper (

Vladimir Benda is the scientific editor and translator from English of the following title:
- “The Foundations of European Community Law” by T.C. Hartley.

Vladimir also is the scientific consultant of the following titles, translated from English to Russian:
- “International Business Transactions” by R.H. Folsom;
- “International Taxation” by R.L. Doernberg.

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