Successful Projects


- liquidation of a Russian-based manufacturing facility owned by a foreign investor and transfer it to another jurisdiction: inventory buildup, transfer of IP rights, release of personnel, setting new money & goods flaws scheme, transfer of technology; export of equipment;

- restructuring of a telecom business within the anti-crisis management: putting into operation ERP & billing systems, substantial increase in sales & profits, introduction of new products, decrease of operation expenses;

- sale of a hotel in Europe;

- sale of a business in Europe;

- sale of a foreign owned holding company in Russia

- setting up an FMCG business and successful sales from scratch;

- setting up a production plant from scratch;

- merger of 3 Russian subsidiaries into one legal entity;

- importation of 6 space terminals produced by Andrew Corporation as a contribution to a charter capital of a Russian subsidiary; issuance by the subsidiary of additional shares; delivery, installation, legalization and putting into operation of the space terminals in various Russian cities with following sale of services;

- consolidation of a Russian subsidiary’s shares;

- concentration (transfer) of 7 (seven) Russian subsidiaries’ shares into one holding company subject to further successful sale;

- acquisition of Russian subsidiary’s shares and real estate (buildings and land) from a shareholder being under bankruptcy procedure.

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