(including, but not limited to):

- Interim management
- Program management
- Project management
- Anti-crisis management
- Businesses’ restructuring
- Start ups
- Assets protection

- Mergers & acquisitions
- sale & purchase of businesses
- sale & purchase of commercial real estate
- sale & purchase of real estate
- sale & purchase of shares

- Strategic consultancy
- Corporate Law
- IP Law
- Antitrust Law
- Labor Law
- Sec. payments & performance
- Selection of top managers
- Translations
- US immigration services (Business immigration, EB-5 program)


Since recently we, in addition to one of our well established services, which is executive search, started rendering a unique service, presupposing conducting final interviews with those potential top managers, selected for a “short list”.

By now we have a very promising successful statistics with this service.

The idea behind this service is the next: TOP MANAGERS to be finally selected by exactly proved and experienced TOP MANAGERS !!!, which, in turn, dramatically minimizes chances of any potential “costly” mistakes.

Within this service, our representative, having substantial executive track as CEO or any other relevant top manager, spends with a successful candidate several hours in a friendly atmosphere, with the aim to interview the candidate, and in a while pronounce his recommendatory “judgment”.

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